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Two great works developed under the Epistore project has been published in Nature Communications and Advanced Materials. Go to the next links if you wan to read them:

Baiutti, F., Chiabrera, F., Acosta, M. et al. A high-entropy manganite in an ordered nanocomposite for long-term application in solid oxide cells. Nat Commun 12, 2660 (2021).

Baiutti, F., Chiabrera, F., Diercks, D., Cavallaro, A., Yedra, L., López-Conesa, L., Estradé, S., Peiró, F., Morata, A., Aguadero, A., Tarancón, A., Direct Measurement of Oxygen Mass Transport at the Nanoscale. Adv. Mater. 2021, 2105622.

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