EPISTORE Nanoscale materials for high density energy conversion devices ENERGY IN THIN LAYERS

Nanotechnology for efficient storage of clean energy

EpiStore is a European research project in the frame of the Horizon 2020 program. Nanoscale breakthroughs and never explored materials will be combined giving rise to radically new ultracompact and fast response energy storage solutions.

Our nano-enabled thin film Reversible Solid Oxide Cells (TF-rSOCs) will be integrated in scalable silicon to achieve a low-cost new paradigm of large-scale energy storage.

EpiStore aims to revolutionize the energy storage sector with this pocket-sized kW-range stacks based on TF-rSOCs that will be able to efficiently store renewable electricity for applications where the use of batteries is inefficient due to size constraints or long term storage requirements, e.g. off-shore power generation or transportation.


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Excellence through European partnership

EpiStore puts together a multi-disciplinary European consortium formed by leaders in the new R&I paradigms proposed in this project. The interaction between excellent research teams with outstanding technological industry will be essential for providing societal, environmental and economic benefits.

Participant organizations
M € budget

Implementation of breaking through technology

EpiStore combines the new phenomena occurring at the nanoscale with currently existing thin film production processing techniques (pulled by microelectronic industry) to develop for the first time an ultracompact thin film solid oxide cells (TF-rSOC) with the use of low amounts of raw materials, which is crucial in massive applications.
TF-rSOC will be fabricated by using “Silicon-on-Nothing” techniques, in such a way that ultrathin devices deposited on Si skins will be transferred to flexible low-cost metallic substrates for final stacking.