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🔴The last project is @EpiStore_eu presented by Dr. Nerea Alayo. The project’s objective is to propose a novel paradigm technology for #energystorage enhanced by breakthrough #nanoscale concepts

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📌 KoM of @EpiStore_eu @fet_eu #Proactive today
✍️ Thin Film Reversible Solid Oxide Cells for Ultracompact Electrical Energy Storage

📅 Start Jan 2021
🤝 12 partners, coordinated @alberttarancon @IREC_Energia @icreacommunity



KoM of the EpiStore project #FET_Proactive #Horizon2020 today
🧑‍🔬32 participants from our outstanding consortium attended (all didn’t fit in the group picture bellow 📸, sorry)
Thanks for your nice contributions!
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A sibling is born! @EpiStore_eu is a new @FETFX_EU project led by @atlab15 for developing new technologies for energy production... Follow, follow!! EpiStore_eu photo

The new #FET_Proactive #EICpathfinder #Horizon2020 EpiStore project led by @atlab15 was launched in January 2021.
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