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F. Chiabrera, F. Baiutti, D. Diercks, A. Cavallaro, A. Aguadero, A. Morata, A. Tarancón
Visualizing local fast ionic conduction pathways in nanocrystalline lanthanum manganite by isotope exchange-atom probe tomography”, Journal of materials chemistry A (2022) 5.

M. Acosta, F. Baiutti, X. Wang, A. Cavallaro, J. Wu, W. Li, S. C. Parker, A. Aguadero, H. Wang, A. Tarancón, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll
Surface chemistry and porosity engineering through etching reveal ultrafast oxygen reduction kinetics below 400° C in B-site exposed (La, Sr)(Co, Fe) O3 thin-films”, Journal of power sources (2022) 523.

J. Sirvent, A. Carmona, L. Rapenne, F. Chiabrera, A. Morata, M. Burriel, F. Baiutti, and A. Tarancón
Nanostructured La0.75Sr0.25Cr0.5Mn0.5O3–Ce0.8Sm0.2O2 Heterointerfaces as All-Ceramic Functional Layers for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14.37 (2022): 42178-42187

M. Machado, F. Baiutti, L. Bernadet, A. Morata, M. Nuñez, J. P. Ouweltjes, F. Coral Fonseca, M. Torrell, and A. Tarancón
Functional thin films as cathode/electrolyte interlayers: a strategy to enhance the performance and durability of solid oxide fuel cells”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10(33), 17317-17325

Y. Tang, F. Chiabrera, A. Morata, A. Cavallaro, M.O. Liedke, H. Avireddy, M. Maller, M. Butterling, A. Wagner, M. Stchakovsky and F. Baiutti.
Ion Intercalation in Lanthanum Strontium Ferrite for Aqueous Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14, no. 16 (2022): 18486-18497

S. Schweidler, Y. Tang, L. Lin, G. Karkera, A. Alsawaf, L. Bernadet, B. Breitung, H. Hahn, M. Fichtner, A. Tarancón, and M. Botros.
Synthesis of perovskite-type high-entropy oxides as potential candidates for oxygen evolution”, Frontiers in Energy Research (2022).

Y. Ma, Y.Ma, Q.Wang, S. Schweidler, M. Botros, T. Fu, H. Hahn, T. Brezesinski, B. Breitung. “High-Entropy energy materials: challenges and new opportunities“, Energy and Environmental Science (2021), 5.

F. Baiutti, F. Chiabrera, M. Acosta, D. Diercks, D. Parfitt, J. Santiso, X. Wang, A. Cavallaro, A. Morata, H. Wang, A. Chroneos, J. MacManus-Driscoll & A. Tarancon.
A high-entropy manganite in an ordered nanocomposite for long-term application in solid oxide cells”, Nature communications 12 (2021) 2660.

F. Baiutti, F. Chiabrera, 1 D. Diercks, A. Cavallaro, L. Yedra, L. López-Conesa, S. Estradé, F. Peiró, A. Morata, A. Aguadero, A. Tarancón.
Direct measurement of oxygen mass transport at the nanoscale title”, Advanced Materials (2021) 2105622.