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The Epistore project and its partners are pleased to create collaborations and synergies with external members and projects. In particular, The Cross-project collaboration plan lead by the EIC Innocation Council aims at establishing synergies and co-operation across projects on highly related topics, especially those stemming from the same FET call and funded under the same sub-topic as the present one, our sister projects: HYSOLCHEM, LIGHTCAP and ELECTRO INTRUSSION.

HySolChem is developing an innovative, low-cost reactor for capturing greenhouse gases and producing high-value fuels and chemicals, while contextually removing harmful pollutants from wastewater. And all of this with photosynthesis.

LIGHT-CAP offers a solution in which the light absorption, charge separation and accumulation are combined in the same set of materials by exploiting multiple and reversible charge transfer processes in stable nanoscale components that are powered solely by light.

Electro-Intrusion represents a modern version of the philosopher’s stone: instead of transforming lead into gold, we aim at transforming low-quality energy into electrical power. This will be achieved by creating a low-cost, environmentally-friendly device will allow to produce clean energy to move a step forward towards a carbon-neutral future.