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EPISTORE kick-starts 2022 with two new publications:

F. Chiabrera, F. Baiutti, D. Diercks, A. Cavallaro, A. Aguadero, A. Morata, A. Tarancón
“Visualizing local fast ionic conduction pathways in nanocrystalline lanthanum manganite by isotope exchange-atom probe tomography”, Journal of materials chemistry A (2022) 5.

M. Acosta, F. Baiutti, X. Wang, A. Cavallaro, J. Wu, W. Li, S. C. Parker, A. Aguadero, H. Wang, A. Tarancón, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll
“Surface chemistry and porosity engineering through etching reveal ultrafast oxygen reduction kinetics below 400° C in B-site exposed (La, Sr)(Co, Fe) O3 thin-films”, Journal of power sources (2022) 523.

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